Jaewoo Ahn

jaewoo.ahn AT vision.snu.ac.kr


Hi, I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University where I am advised by Prof. Gunhee Kim as a member of Vision & Learning Lab.

I’m broadly interested in large language model (LLM) powered autonomous agents, including (but not limited to): (1) developing trustworthy, consistent, and personalized LLM agents; (2) integrating multisensory perception into LLMs; (3) equipping LLMs with human‑level reasoning and strategic planning capabilities; and (4) securing LLMs to protect intellectual property.

You can find my CV here.

Recent News

May 18, 2024 Our SWEET paper got accepted to ACL 2024 and TimeChara to ACL 2024 Findings!
May 16, 2024 Hello world! I renewed my website :sparkles:

Publications (* equal contribution)

  1. TimeChara: Evaluating Point-in-Time Character Hallucination of Role-Playing Large Language Models
    In ACL Findings, 2024
  2. Who Wrote this Code? Watermarking for Code Generation
    In ACL, 2024
  3. mRedditSum: A Multimodal Abstractive Summarization Dataset of Reddit Threads with Images
    In EMNLP, 2023
  4. MPCHAT: Towards Multimodal Persona-Grounded Conversation
    Jaewoo AhnYeda SongSangdoo Yun, and Gunhee Kim
    In ACL, 2023
  5. Sequential Latent Knowledge Selection for Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue
    Byeongchang KimJaewoo Ahn, and Gunhee Kim
    In ICLR (Spotlight), 2020