Publications (* equal contribution)


  1. Can LLMs Understand Sense Ambiguity in Figurative Language? Evaluating LLMs’ Figurative Word Sense Knowledge
    Under Review, 2024
  2. TimeChara: Evaluating Point-in-Time Character Hallucination of Role-Playing Large Language Models
    In ACL Findings, 2024
  3. Who Wrote this Code? Watermarking for Code Generation
    In ACL, 2024


  1. mRedditSum: A Multimodal Abstractive Summarization Dataset of Reddit Threads with Images
    In EMNLP, 2023
  2. MPCHAT: Towards Multimodal Persona-Grounded Conversation
    Jaewoo AhnYeda SongSangdoo Yun, and Gunhee Kim
    In ACL, 2023


  1. Sequential Latent Knowledge Selection for Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue
    Byeongchang KimJaewoo Ahn, and Gunhee Kim
    In ICLR (Spotlight), 2020